new cabin progress

Learning to Live Here

We’ve begun renovation work on our recently purchased third cabin property, which we bought at a County tax sale. The five-acre site and cabin have been cleared of stuff left by previous owner/occupants that was beyond repurposing: broken roof tiles, fields of glass shards, buried insulation (?), a shack’s worth of broken wood, large improvised firepits stacked with random burnt debris… Typical Hi-Dez human garbage.

Now we can start work on the cabin to make it habitable for eventual vacation rental.

This is what it looks like right now (photos by Stephanie)…


JT Homesteader


JT Homesteader


We’re strongly considering installing a solar power system to provide electricity — this will be our first experience working with solar…

Meanwhile, we’ve planted several native and near-native bushes and trees: two Palo Verdes, two Ironwoods, two Honey Mesquites, a Smoketree, some Wolfberries (goji berries), and a Desert Broom. We’re watering by hand…

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